Our vents were created to SAVE MONEY and SAVE TIME for homeowners that must vent their properties to fulfill the • FEDERAL • STATE • LOCAL code requirements dictated thru:


FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration)


NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) Ninety-Nine percent (99%) of flood insurance is provided thru NFIP  a division of FEMA


ICC (International Code Council)


Architects or Professional Engineers designing your flood or air management project whether it be new construction or retrofitting an existing structure to save you money and time.


Your Insurance Broker will determine your F.I.R.M. (Federal Insurance Rate Map) status to determine how to save money and time


Your Surveyor has to establish the B.F.E. (Base Flood Elevation) if need be for "A ZONE" or "V ZONE" flood prone properties looking to build new or retrofitting your existing property.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST you should consult your local code official first, to what you need for foundation flood or air venting before you invest any money or time.


When you desire to extend your property with an addition in a flood zone it must meet substantial improvement guidelines dictated by FEMA, NFIP, ICC and state law. It is wise to get a certified appraiser as to the value of your structure you are looking to extend, "Deducting the value of your land property and it's improvements value to determine the value of the addition you are suggesting. When an addition exceeds 51% of the value of the existing structure the whole structure has to be elevated in a flood zone as well as the addition. All new additions in a flood zone property must be elevated above the base flood elevation dictated by your local code official and firm elevations.


Refer to our website to review each product and to review proper installation instructions along with your 1. CODE OFFICIAL, 2. INSURANCE BROKER, 3. PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECT or ENGINEER, 4. Your SURVEYOR for B.F.E. (Base Flood Elevation) status, and/or 5. APPRAISER to ensure that you get the RIGHT VENT for the RIGHT JOB.  because in the case of flooding damage an ounce of prevention will SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.

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